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Lonnie and Dave performing in Easthampton, MA

Guitarist David Chu and vocalist Lonnie Chu are the core of Crimson Canary, musicians located in Easthampton, MA, and are joined at times by any number of other artists.

The music they make is Spanish flamenco, Portuguese fado, beloved songs in French, Italian, German and Latin American Spanish, as well as classic vocal jazz.

They can provide a richly musical and, if desired, educational experience, or simply create a pleasant background ambiance. They have played for over eight years, from Buffalo to the Pioneer Valley, in restaurants, bars, cafes, theaters, schools, libraries, festivals, weddings and private parties.

If you’re looking for just guitar, Dave can play solo or in groups: Spanish guitar/flamenco, classical, jazz, pop, funk and blues. He also teaches acoustic and electric guitar.

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Lonnie and Dave

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