House concerts

Crimson Canary is the perfect answer to the question, "Who would I have play at my house concert?"

But... what is a house concert?

Take a look at this video for the answer:

Musician Justin Roth has a great page that explains what a house concert is and how you can make it happen. He says:

"A house concert is literally a concert in a living room (or a basement, or a backyard…).  They’re happening more and more frequently all across the country as artists find that 25 to 50 people can fit into a living room quite comfortably.  It’s a great format where both audience and artist alike get to experience an intimate concert in a ‘listening room’ setting that is comfortable for all.  This is not a party with background music.  It is a sit down concert in your home."

Please take a look at his website for full information.